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Christine Dodrill

Web and Backend Services Devops Specialist

Bellevue, WA

Docker, Git, Haskell, Nim, Go, C, CentOS, CoreOS, IRC, Matrix


Heroku - Senior Software Engineer   2017 - current

Heroku is a cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supporting several programming languages that is used as a web application deployment model. Heroku, one of the first cloud platforms, has been in development since June 2007, when it supported only the Ruby programming language, but now supports Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python, PHP, and Go.

Highlights - Software Engineer   2016 - 2016

Backplane is an innovative reverse reverse proxy that helps administrators and startups simplify their web application routing.


Pure Storage - Member of Technical Staff   2016 - 2016

Pure Storage is a Mountain View, California-based enterprise data flash storage company founded in 2009. It is traded on the NYSE (PSTG).


IMVU - Site Reliability Engineer   2015 - 2016

IMVU, inc is a company whose mission is to help people find and communicate with eachother. Their main product is a 3D avatar-based chat client and its surrounding infrastructure allowing creators to make content for the avatars to wear.


VTCSecure - Deis Consultant (contract)   2014 - 2015

VTCSecure is a company dedicated to helping with custom and standard audio/video conferencing solutions. They specialize in helping the deaf and blind communicate over today’s infrastructure without any trouble on their end.


Crowdflower - Deis Consultant (Contract)   2014 - 2014

Crowdflower is a company that uses crowdsourcing to have its customers submit tasks to be done, similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. CrowdFlower has over 50 labor channel partners, and its network has more than 5 million contributors worldwide.


OpDemand - Software Engineering Intern   2014 - 2014

OpDemand is the company behind the open source project Deis, a distributed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed from the ground up to emulate Heroku but on privately owned servers.


Open Source


A scalable RFC compliant IRCv3 enabled IRC server for personal and professional use.


Elemental is currently in use in production on several networks, totaling 800-1000 users per day with spikes of up to 50,000 on special events.


A modern IRC services platform for TS6 IRC daemons.


Command "PING", ->

This will create a command named “PING” that will return “PONG” to the user when it is used.


A simple API for information on episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic written in Nim to be run inside a container.

All data is loaded into ram and there are no usage limits as long as you agree to not take down the server it is running on.


Articles listed below will be either personal or professional and do not reflect the views of any company or group I am affiliated with. The writing is my own.

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