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Signal Boosts

These awesome people are currently looking for a job. If you are looking for anyone with these skills, please feel free to reach out to them.

To add yourself to this list, fork this website's source code and send a pull request with edits to signalboost.dhall.

With COVID-19 raging across the world, these people are in need of a job now more than ever.


Aisling Fae

python bash kubernetes google-cloud aws devops

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Christian Sullivan

go wasm react rust react-native swift google-cloud aws docker kubernetes istio typescript

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David Roberts

ux ui documentation web html5 javascript python qt bash front-end full-stack linux embedded sql

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Faizan Jamil

java c# python javascript typescript html css vue.js express.js flask core razor pages ef core front-end back-end full-stack linux

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Jamie Bliss

python devops full-stack saltstack web linux

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Joseph Crawley

javascript react csharp python full-stack web bash linux

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Natthan Leong

c embedded firmware golang linux lua python rust shell

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Prajjwal Singh

full-stack javascript ruby rails vuejs emberjs golang linux docker google-cloud typescript

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Piyushh Bhutoria

golang react-native full-stack developer javascript php google-cloud

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Ryan Casalino

golang react python javascript aws vue sql ruby rails flask unix

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Jeremy White

kubernetes golang devops python rust csharp angular react javascript saltstack aws google-cloud azure

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Zachary McKee

javascript django react postgresql firebase aws python csharp java nginx gunicorn

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Muazzam Kazmi

Rust C++ x86assembly WinAPI Node.js React.js

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Jeffin Mathew

Python routing&switching django vue ansible aws javascript iot

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